Social Development

Social development involves learning the values, knowledge, and skillis that enable children to effectively relate to others with a purpose.

Cognitive Development

As soon as they are born, infants begin learning to use their senses to explore the world around them and continue to learn to process incormation.

Physical Development

The term "gross motor" development refers to physical skills that use large body movements, normally involving the entire body.

Spiritual Development

Training up a child in the ways and teachings of scripture provides a foundation of wisdom that can be called upon throughout thier life. 

Welcome to SSKDO ONLINE.

Thank you for stopping by our site.  Our mission is to collaborate with parents to lead the next generation to succeed socially, cognitively, physically and spiritually.  We serve children ages infant to 5 years old and would be honored to have your child come be part of the SSKDO experience.


Another part of the SSKDO experience is providing a place that parents are comfortable in leaving their kids.  We look forward to meeting with you, sharing our passion to serve your family, and ultimately partner with you in the ongoing development of your child in those four areas we focus on: Social, Cognitive, Physical, and Spiritual.


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